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Autumn Home Maintenance

Autumn Home Maintenance Tips

Get ready for winter with these autumn home maintenance tips designed to maximize the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. They will also provide monetary savings by driving high heating costs down. Here are four autumn home maintenance projects for you to complete before winter’s arrival.

Upgrade Your Insulation

Adding to or upgrading insulation is one of the fastest ways to reduce energy loss. When insulation is properly installed to a building’s envelope it helps prevent the transfer of heat. A professional insulation contractor can help you choose the best insulation material and correct R-value for your area. The highest benefits are achieved when you combine insulation with air sealing.

Clean the Gutters

With a ladder or telescoping tool, regularly remove leaves and debris from the gutters, making sure to thoroughly rinse with a hose. Experts recommend completing this project once in the fall and again in the spring to prevent costly foundation and/or roofing damage. Consider installing gutter guards as well.

Eliminate Drafts

Caulking and weatherstripping can help reduce drafts and high heating or cooling bills. Remove old caulk and weatherstripping and replace with new materials purchased at your local hardware or home improvement store. Follow all manufacturer directions. Complete this project when humidity is low for best results. You may also want to consider air sealing electrical outlets using adhesive socket sealers.

Replace Windows

Autumn is a great time to consider replacing single-pane windows. Low-E windows provide countless benefits, including soundproofing, energy efficiency, and UV protection. They also have a 74.3% return on investment, according to this year’s Cost vs. Value report, which compares the average cost for 21 popular remolding projects in 149 markets with the value they retain at resale.

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