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We Are Thinking Green!

thinkgreen Did you know that at Carrig and Dancer we are thinking green?  Yes, we are going green — Green Fiber  that is!  We care about Mother Earth and are happy to do our part towards a cleaner environment. That is why we offer Green Fiber Insulation. As a homeowner it gives you a safe, cost effective solution to your insulation needs.  As a retailer or dealer you can offer a quality product that is the from the nation’s leading natural fiber insulation manufacturer. Plus, since Green Fiber is made out of over 85% recycled materials it is recognized by the federal government & agencies as an environmentally-preferred product; therefore, many homeowners may qualify for a federal tax credit.*  We are proud to offer Green Fiber Insulation to you.

logo_greenfiberThinking green is just one one of many ways we are do our part towards a better planet while serving the needs of homeowners & businesses across the nation. Carrig and Dancer is committed to providing professional service for Insulation Services, Insulation Installation, Re-Insulation, Fireplace Services, Sound Control, Wall Spray, and Spray Polyurethane Foam at commercial or residential locations. We offer a variety of insulation products such as Green Fiber, Heat-n-glo fireplaces, Johns Manville, Knauf Insulation, Lennox Hearth Products, Monessen Hearth Products, Dimplex.For more info on the products & services offered by Carrig and Dancer visit our website or contact us today!

GO_GREENCurious about what you can do to go green?

Here are 50 ways you can help the planet.


* Please talk to your tax advisor for details on tax credit benefits & how/if it applies to you.

Washington Home Insulation Made Of Recycled Paper

Currently, fiberglass holds 94% of the insulation market in the U.S. Cellulose insulation however, leads as an innovative and eco-friendly competitor within the building products industry. This is all thanks to GreenFiber.

GreenFiber is a material made of a natural fiber form of insulation that helps lower the energy that is regularly needed to heat Washington homes.  Additionally, GreenFiber is derived from 85% recycled paper fiber. In turn, this reduces the manufacturing costs and provides further use to billions of tons of paper each year. Cellulose home insulation for residential housing in Washington is comprised of the millions of tons of recycled paper that is collected each month from commercial accounts, municipal recycling partnerships and public drop-off locations. It is then put through a process that consists of grinding the paperboard, throw-aways from manufacturers, retailers and the public. During the processing, ammonium sulfate and borate are contributed as a fire repellant.

Cellulose insulation is more effective than fiberglass with respect to mold protection, soundproofing, fire resistance and air flow. Though fiberglass remains the leader in the market for home insulation in Washington, GreenFiber’s cellulose insulation is proving to be an up-and-coming competitor!

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