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Spring Maintenance: It’s Time to Maintain Your Home

Spring Maintenance

Spring is here, which means only one thing; it’s time to maintain your home. Kick your spring maintenance and cleaning into high gear by checking the following six spring maintenance tasks off your list.

Seal Air Leaks

A “leaky house” results in increased heating and cooling costs. It can also impact comfort and indoor air quality. The most cost-effective method for identifying and eliminating air leaks is a professional energy audit. Caulking and weatherstripping around your home’s windows and doors can reduce the amount of conditioned air, or in the winter, heated air that escapes your home. Both products can be found at your local home improvement store for a reasonable price.

Clear Out Gutters

Spring showers can cause a variety of costly problems if your gutters are clogged with leaves and debris from previous seasons. The expert recommended interval for gutter cleaning is every six months; more if your property has a lot of trees. It’s also not a bad idea to clean them out after a big storm. You can either do this chore yourself or, if you’re not comfortable with using an extension ladder or you live in a two-story house, hire a professional. Use stand-offs to avoid the ladder damaging the roofline.

Spruce Up Your Garden

April showers bring May flowers, with a little help from you, of course. Begin preparing flower and vegetable beds by pulling up weeds. Make sure to grab their roots, too, ensuring they don’t grow back. Next work in compost for nutrient-rich soil. Finally, plant your choice of annuals, mixing them up for a nice contrast. Some popular annuals include calendula, osteospermum, pansy, dianthus, petunia, snapdragon, sweet alyssum, and geranium. For planting success, read tags before purchasing.

Attend to the Windows

Flood your home with natural light by ensuring the windows are sparkling clean. Clean windows like a pro with a microfiber squeegee and a bucket. Pick up a telescopic pole for second story windows. Loosen and wash the windows with the scrubber then squeegee the windows clean. Experts recommend using a mix of vinegar and water with a few drops of liquid dish soap added. Dust and wipe down blinds with a damp rag; clean drapes according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Visually Inspect Your Exterior

A lot can happen between winter and spring – especially after this past winter’s epic storms. Identify any potential problems by walking your property’s perimeter and visually inspecting the roof, foundation, and other critical systems. Use binoculars to examine the roof. Make a note of any siding damage, loose granules, bent shingles, and cracked concrete. These problems require professional attention. Chipped paint and landscape issues are do-it-yourself friendly.

Get Your AC Unit Ready for Summer

Don’t wait until the first sweltering day of summer to service your air conditioner. Filters should be routinely changed; standard every month and HEPA every three months. Hire a qualified heating and cooling contractor to clean and service the AC unit. By regularly maintaining your air conditioner, it will operate more efficiently, thus saving you money on summer cooling costs.

Carrig and Dancer is full-service energy conservation contractor who has been providing residential and commercial insulation services throughout Washington since 1982. Other services offered include, but are not limited to, soundproofing and replacement windows. For more information about these and other energy saving services, please contact us at (253) 584-7704, or at any one of these other locations.

Spring Cleaning for Energy Efficiency

spring cleaning

Today, March 20th, marks the first day of spring! For many that means giving the house, apartment or yes, even the office a good cleaning. Spring, however, is also a great time to adopt a spring cleaning for energy efficiency routine. Small changes like these can make a BIG difference in your home’s energy consumption, comfort, and cost.

Change air filters every three months – Routinely replacing or cleaning your air filters will not only keep your air cleaner, but can lower your HVAC equipment’s energy consumption by up to 15 percent, per the U.S. Department of Energy. Look for healthy living or hypoallergenic filters as these will help increase your indoor air quality.

Reduce water heater temperature – One good way to control energy costs is to reduce the temperature on your water heater. It’s a fact. Turning down the temperature 10˚F can save you 3 to 5 percent on energy costs. Double that if you lower it from 140˚F to 120˚F (this is an adequate spring/summer temperature).

Redirect ceiling fans – Air conditioning is often a homeowners’ biggest expense – especially in the summer. One way to get more out of your air conditioner, but still pay less is to take advantage of your home’s ceiling fans by directing them to circulate counterclockwise; forcing cool air down rather than up.

Seal air leaks – Nobody likes a drafty home, no matter what the season. Sealing your home of air leaks keeps the cool air in, the warm air out, and the cash in your wallet while increasing home comfort. Caulking and weatherstripping are two simple and effective air sealing techniques.

Check your insulation levels – Inadequate levels of insulation can result in abnormally high energy bills. If you’re not sure why your bill is so high, check your current insulation levels. Per this year’s Cost vs. Value report, adding fiberglass insulation to your attic has an average return on investment of 107.7%.