How to Save Energy During the Holidays

save energy during the holidays

What you don’t want to do if looking to save money on high energy bills.

It is the most beautiful time of year once again!

With twinkling lights indoors and out, on virtually every corner, it’s true that Christmas is nearly here! That said, however, those twinkling lights and other important rituals of Christmas can get quite pricy which is why we want to help you save energy during the holidays with this month’s post.

6 Tips to Save Energy During the Holidays

#1: Unplug Holidays Lights During the Day

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you’ll save more money on electricity if you limit the time your holiday lights are on to less than six hours per day, and ensure you turn them off when you’re away. It’ll also save you the expense of locating a tiny bulb in your tree and replacing it when it burns out.

#2: Set Holiday Lights on a Timer

Setting your holidays lights on timers provides benefits that are two fold – it allows you to turn them off or on while you’re away, thus giving the illusion that you’re still home, and it allows you to save money knowing that the lights will automatically turn off at a specified time should you forget.

#3: Switch to LED Christmas Lights

It’s a fact! LED Christmas lights use 90% less electricity than regular Christmas lights. Plus they’re much safer; especially for those of you setting up a real tree this year.  You can typically find these at your local retailer for under $10.00 depending on how many lights per strand you desire.

#4: Reduce the Number of Outdoor Displays

Arguably, the holiday season is the one time of year that the phrase “go big or go home” holds true for many, but unless you want to see your December electricity skyrocket you may want to consider cutting back on the outdoor displays; even if it means not outdoing the neighbor next door.

#5: Say NO to Gifts that Require Batteries

Forty percent of all batteries are purchased during the holiday season, which accounts for big dollars spent, according to This holiday just say NO to gifts that require batteries! If you have no choice in the matter, then you may want to consider rechargeable batteries.

#6: Buy Energy Star Rated Electronics

Energy Star rated electronics – big screen television sets, Blu-ray players, video game systems and more – use up to 60 percent less electricity than traditional non-energy star rated electronics. Be sure and visit for a complete list of qualifying models so that you can shop smart this holiday.

Happy Holidays!

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