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Safe Handling of Fiberglass Insulation

Woman Installing InsulationBefore you handle fiberglass insulation, there are a few things you‘ll need to know.  If it isn’t properly done it can cause painfully itchy, red skin and it can irritate the respiratory system in some people.  The very small particles of glass and other fibers that fiberglass is made up of, can be breathed in or become lodged in the skin if special care is not taken beforehand.

Before getting started on your project, you’ll need to dress in the proper clothing.  You Man with ceiling insulationshould cover as much of your skin as possible to protect yourself from the tiny fibers that, if embedded in the skin, will cause painful itching and redness that is very hard to stop.  It’s easier to prevent it from happening in the first place, than it is to fix it once it does occur.  You should wear a loose fitting long sleeved shirt, long pants and wear a hat to cover your hair.  After your project is complete, you should rinse off your skin in a cool shower.  The cool shower will help to close your pores while you’re rinsing away the fiberglass particles and keep them from getting lodged in your skin.

You’ll need to get the right safety equipment, which is also known as personal protective equipment, or PPE.  Thick gloves will keep the tiny fibers from getting to your hands.  You should also wear a face mask or a respirator.  Covering your nose and mouth will keep you from breathing in the tiny loose fibers which can then become lodged in the lungs and cause respiratory problems and irritation.  Finally, safety goggles should be worn to protect your eyes.

Man with Insulation When working with fiberglass insulation you need to do what you can to keep the amount of fiberglass dust low.  It is easy for the tiny particles to become airborne and it takes them along time to settle once they are.  You shouldn’t use anything that will cause a breeze or wind like a fan or air powered tools in the area that you’re handling the fiberglass.  Compressed air should also not be used to dust yourself off afterwards for the same reason.

If you have any questions about how to safely handle insulation, call one of the expertly qualified professionals at Carrig and Dancer at (253) 584-7704.  They will be happy to help!  You can learn more about the services that are offered by Carrig and Dancer on their website, here: www.carriganddancerinsulation.com.


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New Windows

Replacement Windows

replacement windows

Should I replace my home’s windows?

The decision to replace the windows in your home is a big one.  How do you know if it’s really necessary?  With time and use, windows wear out.  They can become less energy efficient and begin to break down structurally.  There are a few definite signs that will let you know if it is time for replacement windows.


New Windows1.  Windows Become Drafty

All windows will let a little bit of air into and out of your home, but you should not be able to detect a draft.  If you can, then the windows are letting too much air through.  Over many years of use windows can become warped or the frames can become loose which would allow too much air to pass through.  If this happens your heating and cooling system will have to work harder to keep your indoor temperature at a comfortable level.  That will cause your energy bills to be higher, which is a sure sign that the windows need to be replaced.  Weather stripping is a temporary remedy for this problem, but since sealants expand and contract, the leaks will not be sealed for very long.

2.  Difficulty Opening and Closing the Windows

This sign is a pretty obvious one.  Clearly, if you cannot open or close your windows they are no longer useful and ne to be replaced.  Wooden windows can warp and cause them not to go up and down.  Metal windows, when not properly painted can rot or rust, which can also cause them not to operate properly as well.  Double hung and triple hung windows utilize a balance system that allows them to move up and down.  If this malfunctions the windows might suddenly slam shut, which is hazardous.

3.   Condensation Between Panes on Double or Triple Paned WindowsWindows

If there is condensation, fog or even white calcium deposits between the panes of glass in triple or double paned windows, it is a sign that the seal between them may have been broken.  This means that the glass is no longer insulating against the outdoor temperatures.  In cases like this, the windows, or at least the panes of glass must be replaced.

Thermostat 4.  High Heating and Cooling Costs

If your heating and cooling costs are high, old and inefficient windows may be the cause.  If the windows in your home are very old they are probably not energy efficient.  In the long run, replacing the old windows with new, energy efficient windows will save you enough money on your utility bills to pay for themselves.

If you would like to find out if your windows should be replaced call Carrig and Dancer at (253) 584-7707 or visit our website here: http://www.carriganddancerinsulation.com/ .


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Enter To Win A Fireplace!

At Carrig and Dancer Insulation we offer a variety of insulation services for both residential and commercial needs…but did you know that our highly skilled contractors can offer more to you than just insulation products? We also offer many products that add a finishing touch to your home, such as Heat & Glo fireplaces.  These modern day fireplaces are great for indoor or outdoors, available in wood burning, gas or electric.  To see a full list of fireplaces please visit our website.

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The brand new Heat & Glo REVO fireplace features a patented, invisible Razor™ burner, a reflective black glass interior, and a slender, 7-inch deep profile. The REVO fireplace is available in three sleek models (square, linear, vertical), making it a versatile addition to just about any space!” Quote from Heat & Glo

AND, right now you can enter to win a new REVO gas fireplace, thanks to our friends at Heat & Glo.  The grand prize is a new REVO gas fireplace ($6,000 value) or one of seven $100 American Express Gift Card weekly prizes.  Click here to enter to win!

Carrig and Dancer is ready to install your new fireplace today!  Our excellent service is available in ten locations serving Arizona, Southern California, Nevada, New Mexico & Washington. To schedule your estimate please call 253-584-7704, send an email or visit our website.