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The Benefits of Seamless Gutters in Washington

The annual precipitation for Lakewood, Washington, is about 40 inches. The rain allows the Pacific Northwest’s wildflowers to bloom, adds water to area streams and rivers, and humidifies the air. There is one disadvantage, however: the potential for structural damage that can occur if water penetrates a roof or foundation. Gutters work to prevent this by redirecting water through troughs, so it flows away from your home.

It is essential to clean and maintain the gutters regularly – preferably as part of a seasonal maintenance schedule – to ensure that the water is redirected away from your home. Doing this can prevent leaves, granules, and other debris from building up and trapping water. Over time, these clogs can cause the trapped water to overflow, possibly causing extensive damage to your home and landscaping.

The Benefits of Seamless Gutters

While you can clean the gutters yourself, it’s often better and safer to have them cleaned professionally twice per year, or more often if there are a lot of trees bordering your property. You can reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning by investing in seamless gutters. These systems are custom designed for your specific project size.

Also, because there are no seams, the potential for leaks and clogs is minimized. You can further minimize the need to get the gunk out by integrating seamless gutters with gutter guards. Gutter guards are designed to catch water and little else. The channels should still be inspected regularly for rust, damage, and loose bolts.

Equally, these systems can be formed using various materials, with aluminum and steel among the most popular and durable choices. They can also be painted to match the color of your home’s exterior. A protective coating that resists UV damage and prevents rust can be applied to the design, allowing for long-lasting curb appeal, as well.

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