Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose is made up of 80% post consumer recycled newsprint. This recycled fiber is treated with non-toxic borate acids in order to resist fire, mold and insects. There are generally four kinds of loose-fill Cellulose products; Dry Cellulose, Spray Applied Cellulose, Stabilized Cellulose and Low Dust Cellulose. Each of these types are utilized for specific parts of a building for different reasons.

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass Insulation is a fiber spun from molten glass. The molten glass flows across air jets that concurrently spin out fibers and coat them with a liquid binder. The fibers are broken into short pieces which will then fall upon a moving conveyor belt below that carries the blanket of fiberglass through curing ovens. It is finally cut into the specified widths and lengths. A binder agent may be applied to one side with liquid asphalt, unless however the final product is to be a loose fill insulation.

Vinyl Siding Insulation

Vinyl Siding Insulation consists of insulating properties as the insulation is glued inside to fit the contour of the vinyl siding The two are then bonded together.

Another way Vinyl Siding Insulation is made with a similar backing, however the foam core, while still designed to accommodate the shape of the siding, is left un-bonded and separate.

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