Carrig and Dancer Insulation Services History

Carrig and Dancer was founded when Charles "Charlie" Dancer became a General Contractor and began building Custom Homes. He also provided window repair/replacement and insulation. The original office was located in Tacoma, but in 1982 moved to Lakewood.

In 1983, Richard "Dick" Carrig joined his Air Force buddy in the business and they prospered for many years. During that time, Charlie and Dick found and trained the crews in the quality that Carrig and Dancer would later be best known for.

Dick became President of the BIBS Association in 1987 and was well respected by his peers in the business. Charlie Dancer passed away in 1994 and Dick took over ownership at that time.

Dick relocated Carrig and Dancer to Tumwater and in 2004 sold it in order to spend more time with his family. Banker Insulation acquired Carrig and Dancer and in 2006 relocated back to Lakewood where it began its humble beginnings.

According to Jeff Banker, President of Banker Insulation, "Carrig and Dancer was a great fit for us. A family owned business being handed off to a family owned business. The qualities that Charlie and Dick established so well; quality, customer service and integrity, are the same qualities that we embrace. We are proud to carry on the name Carrig and Dancer and the values Charlie and Dick established over 30 years ago."