Re-Insulation Services Washington

Carrig and Dancer insulation has an insulation retro-fit program that will upgrade your old insulation and bring your building or home back to its original “R” rating or better, depending on the amount of insulation added.

Over the years the original insulation gets compacted and loses its insulation qualities due to the loss of the air pockets and material that makes the insulation process work.

By upgrading your insulation you will not only make your home or building more energy efficient, but also more comfortable than it was when it was new.

Our experts can perform weatherization, air sealing, re-insulation of attics and walls, crawl space and ventilation and duct sealing. Our work includes single family homes, multifamily and mobile home projects. Ask us about adding foam to your existing exterior walls.

A fully qualified Carrig and Dancer Estimator will be glad to review your specific requirements and recommend an application for your needs.


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